This year, as a church, we decided to put together a photo directory as we had no real way of connecting with other people who attended our church.

I met with Paul, who from the first time I met him, was very professional and could answer all of my questions. He had samples of photos, layout designs, covers, paper samples etc. Having all these items made the process easy and convenient for us.

The day of the shoot, Paul again was very professional in dealing with our congregation and made everyone feel at ease which turned into fantastic photos.

When we received the first sample of the directory I was very impressed. The quality of the booklet, photos and design were a 10 out of 10.

We would recommend PGP Photo Directories to any church that is looking for an easy way to put together a directory to keep people connected.

Thanks again Paul for your service and a product that we are proud to hand out.

Steve Paterson - Lead Pastor
New Hope, Belleville, ON

St John the Baptist Anglican Church in Madoc, ON enlisted the services of PGP Photo Directories to photograph our congregation and compile a directory for our church in the fall of 2015.

We enjoyed the complete co-operation of Paul in assisting us in setting out times that suited everyone for sittings. Paul had excellent suggestions for the layout of the directory and the background history that accompanied the church and its photos of many previous events. Paul was responsible for the development of each section of the directory.

Paul made the necessary trips to Madoc to accommodate all phases of the directory. Everyone involved was very impressed with his professionalism and efficiency and were very satisfied with the finished product and the fact that they were able to take their developed photographs, in frames, with them when they left the sitting. No one felt any pressure to purchase any of the finished photos.

We would not hesitate to recommend the services of PGP Photo Directories.

Parish Photo Directory Committee
St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, Madoc, ON.

We engaged Paul Gosse Photographs to do our Photo Directory in the fall of 2015.

Paul’s extensive knowledge and experience in photography is exceptional and he creates an excellent product. The time spent with Paul was very positive.

Paul is very accommodating and helps in every possible way with timing and organization of the entire Photo shoot. He is wonderful with the parishioners and makes them feel very comfortable and has everyone smiling.

The quality of the product is superb and received in a timely manner.

I would recommend PGP PHOTO DIRECTORIES to any Committee or individual.

Jan Lewis
Christ Church Anglican, Belleville, Ontario

Everyone at St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Madoc, ON thought the directories that Paul Gosse Photographs produced were wonderful. Paul helped in every phase of the process and his professional guidance led to an excellent product. We would highly recommend PGP Photo Directories.

Parish Photo Directory Committee
St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, Madoc, ON.

Paul Gosse Photographs recently produced a Photo Directory of our Church, St. Mark's Anglican Lutheran Church in Midland, Ontario, and we could not have been more pleased!

Paul was a pleasure to work with and very attentive and responsive to our questions and our situation. The online booking system, done by one person, really helped reduce the amount of phoning to be done.

On the Photo Shoot days, many people commented how personable and patient Paul was. They felt no pressure at all from Paul to buy anything but the pictures turned out so well that many people decided to purchase them anyway. Having the photos printed onsite so they could take them with them and not have to come back another time or pay for shipping and handling was a huge advantage.

The completed Directory was delivered even ahead of schedule which was perfect for us as we had a new minister starting and wanted the directory to be an aid for him (as well as the rest of us). The Directory is very attractive and professional. Everyone was very pleased to get it.

We were very satisfied with our experience and can strongly recommend PGP Photo Directories for your Church.

Rev. Don Downer / Dr. Adrienne Perry - Co-ordinators
St. Mark’s Anglican Lutheran Church, Midland, ON